Empty Mirrors

Polaroid series 3/5,
Pihlajasaari Finland
August 2018

Beings only die to be born, in the manner of phallusus that leave bodies in order to enter them. Plants rise in the direction of the sun and then collapse in the direction of the ground. Trees bristle the ground with a vast quantity of flowered shafts raised up to the sun. The trees that forcefully soar end up burned by lightning, chopped down, or uprooted. Returned to the ground, they come back up in another form.

— George Bataille, The Solar Anus

when I need to have my muscles lifted out places on a flat surface



Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. Graduation Festival, 2017.

Installation: Partytent, hand printed and sublimated cotton panels, silver fringe, high top tables with spandex covers, latex figures, plaster ornaments, vinyl floor, videos on iPads via guided access, single channel audio loop. Series of 7 photo's, framed.

And then the city arises rises from your cunt golden star there are no buildings but silk and thick cotton tents animals deer with hands for legs run down the pavilions people with them at the same rate. there are no families but centers warm breast living person when I need to have my muscles lifted out places on a flat surface rubbed

— Kathy Acker  

Partytent: 300x300x250m with original cover. Hand printed and sublimated cotton panels with silver fringe: 200x150cm & 280x150cm. Vinyl floor: 400x450cm. 4 high top tables with spandex covers. Latex figures: sizes variable. Plaster ornaments. Series of seven photo's: 5x7,5 cm, custom passe-partouts, 30x40cm frames.

Photos (w/ exeption of the last): Katarina Juričić

Read 'Garden Variety Fetishism' on

Patty Morgan

(rubbed) ‘was presented in the kind of semi-shitty party tent we all know from semi-shitty birthday parties where long-distant family asks about your love life and cheese is served in cubes. The lighting was too bright to be beautiful and the setting too mundane to make fun of. What happened was that a subject matter that can feel loaded and intense, became knullig, kind of cute and accessible. A very enlightening contrast.’
when I need to have my muscles lifted out places on a flat surface  (rubbed)  "guides us into a corner of the world of sexuality, which usually remains hidden. The fascination for fetish, latex and masks is staged in a rather homely setting, sketched with bourgeois icons of home decoration and outdoor garden life. The presentation leaves the art audience with a mixture of curiosity, excitement, shame and embarrassment. It reveals something very personal and extraordinary as a normal part of everyday life, but it is not provoking or too bold. It is certainly thought-provoking but it also reveals thoughtfulness. It is neither noisy nor concealing. It is indiscreet, but also provokes respect for those who practice sex in unusual ways. Through this it is highly political and shows us possibilities to deal with the complexity of our world and that of mankind."

Royal Academy of Art, the Hague

(rubbed) video series, 2017.
Videos on iPads via guided access, duration variable.

iPad 1
'(rubbed)' 12:12 min.
'I want that look on my face.'
12:12 min.
'And this won't do it.' 12:12 min.

iPad 2
'her hands folded, her face pale and enraptured:'
Video loop.

iPad 3
'The eye in the hand' 2:20 min.
'(trying to be helpful)' 2:36 min.

2017, 06.24 min. 1 channel audio loop. Audio assistance: Kevin Jansen ♡

Graphic design: Leeza Pritychenko

Body Play: Access


DIY Latex Mask First Time, 2016.
05:20 min. Video & sound on iPad via guided access.

Crystal Maze, the Hague, dec. 2016. Groupshow. Installation: Gym Mat, perforated flag of Veghel, video, audio & text on iPads via guided access.

"How we know the world and how it knows us are underlain by shadow patterns of sexual biography and sexual geography. What breaks into consciousness is shaped in   
advance by the daemonism of the senses. Mind is captive of the body."

— Camille Paglia   

Bedwetter, 2016.
Looped video on iPad via guided access. Camera work: Macha Rousakov. ♡

Gym Mat, 2016. Vinyl, mesh, foam, unbleached cotton covers with neon yellow piping. 400x160cm. Perforated flag of Veghel, 2016. Vinyl, canvas, silver fringe and embroidered detail. 155x95cm. 


Latex Sunday, Morning Tea, 2016.
06.25 min. Video & sound on iPad via guided access.
New DIY Latex Mask, 2016.
03:50 min. Video & sound on iPad via guided access.

Christine (2016)
Text on iPad via guided access.
Stephany (2016)
Text on iPad via guided access.

Graphic design: Julian Sirre.

Whenever  the Eye Falls

On embodiment, eroticism, the uncanny, abjection, transgression and the perverse in the performative documentation and production of art.

"The cruel and violent human application of creativity that has transgressed ethical boundaries seems to have an uncanny parallel with the artistic strategies that address similar issues. The reader of the thesis is lured in the rational aspect of analysis and argumentation to find himself at a very uncomfortable crossroads of beauty and death, murder and empathy and the border between acceptable and intolerable behaviour; a place where observation and application of value systems merge."

— Royal Academy of Art, the Hague

BA Thesis realised as a part of the Fine Arts department study programme at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. 48 pages, Biotop 170g (cover) & 80g, b/w laserprint with yellow risographed details.

Available online at www.cruelpractice.art
Design: Karina Zavidova


(will come alive)

"He would not ask everybody, because he wanted to keep it really private. He was really rich also, he had a lot of bars, so I did not have to work that much. If you find the right person... and he was a really sympathetic guy. [...] He really wanted to fuck me, but I said no, you can never fuck me. He said 'I really want it.' I said no every time. He asked me to do some little stuff, and just asked me to go upstairs and pee on him for 300 euros, and I said yes."



Dreams (will come alive) was performed in various occasions, under variable circumstances at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, in 2016. While standing on the soft pedestal, imbalance causes the model’s muscles to flex. Audio material consisted of Eurodance tracks and voice recordings of a conversation with a friend, describing his experiences, working in a (porn)club while 17 and living in Europe. They wore Armani underwear, wings, glittery bunny tails and pissed on clients in the club’s private bathrooms. Details of our conversation were printed in Snog Zine, summer 2016.

Snog Zine, summer 2016
Comcolor, 28 pages, A3 fold. Jon Snow (GOT) erotic fanfiction, golden showers, cumshots, poetry and an alternative French amorous dictionary by K.W Stewart, R. van der Heijden, I. Vet, V. Giakoumi, M. Dellouche and illustrations by Julia Pinto.