b. Veghel, NL. Currently based in The Hague, NL.

2019 Trixie Open Studio’s / TBA, Trixie The Hague.
2019 BAGLOVER, WEST Grand Opening Ambassade / february 16, WEST Den Haag2019 Gothics in NigeriaALTNET.work, STICKER VOLUME III /feb 9 - may 25, Corrosia, Almere, NL.

2019 RJM for Knekelhuis on Intergalactic FM /January 24, worldwideweb

2018 TRIXIE Grand Opening /september 21, Scheldestraat 1, The Hague 2018 ROZENSTRAAT - A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE /May 25, Eagle Amsterdam. w/ Vera Korman, Deniz Unal, Annamaria Pinaka, Lo Liddell, Kathy Acker, Alan Sondheim. Organised by Petros Panagiotis Orfanos.

2017 Maldoror Galerie /1-30 November, Wagenstraat 123, the Hague
2017 Bohemien /November 18, HOOP the Hague
2017 Graduation Festival /Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2017 Masterclass /Royal Gallery, KABK, The Hague. Curated by Barbara Seiler & Marcel van Eeden.

2016 Crystal Maze /Faabulousstuff, The Hague. Curated by Jay Tan & Sam Samiee. 2016 For I know I have plans for you / One Nest Stand #24, Nest, The Hague

2015 Balls /One Nest Stand #21, Nest, The Hague
2015 Could Be /One Nest Stand #20, Nest, The Hague

Sint Lucas, Boxtel. Product, Space & Media design, 2009-2013.
Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. Department of Fine Art, 2013-2017.


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♡ Initiator and member of artist-run space TRIXIE, the Hague. ♡


Idéoplasme w/ RJM Monthly show on Operator Radio Rotterdam

“RJM is a multidisciplinary artist drawn towards the transgressive, visceral bodily explorations and prurient meanderings. As a DJ she plays with straight forward techno, experimental sounds, industrial concepts, and other disparate electronics.

As 1/2 of Baglover she recently collaborated with Legowelt under the moniker Star Shepherd; sing-a-long existentialist exotica to power-noise ambient to wooly hypnotic saturated melodies, a new dawn in lo-fi counter culture synthesis. ”

Whenever the Eye Falls /cruelpractice.art Essay on embodiment, eroticism, the uncanny, abjection, transgression and the perverse in the performative documentation and production of art.

rjmvanderheyden [at] gmail [dot] com