b. Veghel, NL. Currently based in The Hague, NL.

Sint Lucas, Boxtel. Product, Space & Media design, 2009-2013.
Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. Department of Fine Art, 2013-2017.

Fine Art Department Prize, Royal Academy of Art, the Hague.

🏁 Initiator and member of artist-run space TRIXIE, the Hague. 🏁

Patty Morgan

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† Selected Shows †

2018 ROZENSTRAAT - A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE /May 25th, Eagle Amsterdam. w/ Vera Korman, Deniz Unal, Annamaria Pinaka, Lo Liddell, Kathy Acker, Alan Sondheim. Organised by Petros Panagiotis Orfanos.

2017 Maldoror Galerie
/1-30 November, Wagenstraat 123, the Hague
2017 Bohemien
/November 18th, HOOP the Hague
2017 Graduation Festival /Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2017 Masterclass /Royal Gallery, KABK, The Hague. Curated by Barbara Seiler & Marcel van Eeden.

2016 Crystal Maze /Faabulousstuff, The Hague. Curated by Jay Tan & Sam Samiee.
2016 For I know I have plans for you / One Nest Stand #24, Nest, The Hague

2015 Balls /One Nest Stand #21, Nest, The Hague
2015 Could Be /One Nest Stand #20, Nest, The Hague

ϟ Other ϟ

Operator Radio

Ideoplasme w/ RJM

Colette will fulfil your darkest fantasy with straight forward techno, experimental, industrial and other heavyweight electronics.
Listen Here


Whenever the Eye Falls

On embodiment, eroticism, the uncanny, abjection, transgression and the perverse in the performative documentation and production of art.
cruelpractice.art / Read Here


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