(will come alive)

"He would not ask everybody, because he wanted to keep it really private. He was really rich also, he had a lot of bars, so I did not have to work that much. If you find the right person... and he was a really sympathetic guy. [...] He really wanted to fuck me, but I said no, you can never fuck me. He said 'I really want it.' I said no every time. He asked me to do some little stuff, and just asked me to go upstairs and pee on him for 300 euros, and I said yes."



Dreams (will come alive) was performed in various occasions, under variable circumstances at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, in 2016. While standing on the soft pedestal, imbalance causes the model’s muscles to flex. Audio material consisted of Eurodance tracks and voice recordings of a conversation with a friend, describing his experiences, working in a (porn)club while 17 and living in Europe. They wore Armani underwear, wings, glittery bunny tails and pissed on clients in the club’s private bathrooms. Details of our conversation were printed in Snog Zine, summer 2016.

Snog Zine, summer 2016
Comcolor, 28 pages, A3 fold. Jon Snow (GOT) erotic fanfiction, golden showers, cumshots, poetry and an alternative French amorous dictionary by K.W Stewart, R. van der Heijden, I. Vet, V. Giakoumi, M. Dellouche and illustrations by Julia Pinto.