Whenever  the Eye Falls

On embodiment, eroticism, the uncanny, abjection, transgression and the perverse in the performative documentation and production of art.

"The cruel and violent human application of creativity that has transgressed ethical boundaries seems to have an uncanny parallel with the artistic strategies that address similar issues. The reader of the thesis is lured in the rational aspect of analysis and argumentation to find himself at a very uncomfortable crossroads of beauty and death, murder and empathy and the border between acceptable and intolerable behaviour; a place where observation and application of value systems merge."

— Royal Academy of Art, the Hague

BA Thesis realised as a part of the Fine Arts department study programme at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. 48 pages, Biotop 170g (cover) & 80g, b/w laserprint with yellow risographed details.

Available online at www.cruelpractice.art
Design: Karina Zavidova